Severn Cullis-Suzuki – The girl who silenced the U.N. & the rest of the world for five minutes

Many of you, especially the “YouTubers”, may know this video. It shows a 12 years old canadian girl holding a mind-blowing speech to the U.N. – a speech which silented the U.N. (and the whole world who watched/listened to it) for over five minutes.

Please, take five minutes out of your daily life and watch what this girl had to say:

As you can see by the video quality, this happened quite a long time ago. It happened in 1992, to be exact. All these words she gave to the world leaders, all these words who silented all of them… How much is still relevant today? All of it. So, in fact, each and every single word was ignored by those who call themselves “world leaders”.

Maybe it is time that we all open our eyes, hum..?

If you want to know more about this girl (now woman), you should definitely take a look over at